Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A lovely day at home

So yesterday was Australia Day... Mr Kitty managed to snaggle himself tickets to the tennis so he went with a mate from work leaving me to enjoy my day off with the animals - ah bliss! I love nothing more on my days off than to potter around the house and garden uninterrupted.

Harry puppy loves it when people are home although he ends up completely exhausted by dinnertime and takes himself off to bed. He started the day with a lovely long walk - there is a beautiful sanctuary and lake nearby so we generally go walking there - he also likes 'visiting' his doggie neighbours and saying hello to them through their fences/under their gates. As most of my neighbours were home he also got to run up to everyone for lots of loves and hugs while I was in the garden. The afternoon mostly consisted of napping while curled up on the furry rug ontop of the couch. Last but not least he finally had a long overdue bath - look how nice he looks afterwards! (just don't tell my neighbour that he's been traipsing through her pansies!)

Miss holly kitty is an indoor cat however she loves her little garden 'outings' which I allow her on when I'm home. She loves hiding in among the plants and watching insects and other creepy crawlies parade by her. She generally doesn't venture very far which is a good thing although lately she has taken to perching herself on top of the garden shed to give her the best vantage point to look down her kitty nose on the rest of us.

I also achieved the near impossible - I got a photo with both of them together in a single frame! Here they are sun-ning themselves by the back door. harry puppy is quite the poser isnt he?

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