Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home sweet home

Well here it is - nothing fancy but it is a place to call my own.

I love my teeny tiny home and have tried my best to make it as lovely as possible. The house didn't always look like this though - when I first bought it the previous owner was an unemployed chain smoking, non-stop tv watching stay at home bum and you should have seen how disgusting the place was...

Every single wall was permeated by nicotine - it took endless bottles of sugar soap and mutliple coats of paint to remove all traces of this however the smell took much much longer. I remember coming home from work the first summer after I moved in and the house absolutely reeked despite me leaving windows open all day.

The carpet throughout was horrific and there was a mysterious stain in the middle of the lounge room floor that looked as though something had died there - it had to go. Underneath however lay a real gem - solid hardwood tasmanian oak floorboards. I had them sanded, stained and polished and my floors are now stunning. The only drawback with dark floorboards is that they show up ever skerrick of dirt, dust and pet hair!

The kitchen paid homage to the most frightful colour imaginable. Now I'm normally a pink girl however this was like no pink I had ever seen before - it wasn't quite salmon, not quite apricot but something completely barf-worthy. Unfortunately I am yet to assail total anhiliation on this with it being still visible on some of the door trimmings and floor skirtings. The remainder of the kitchen however has been replaced by flat pack cabinets (one of the best inventions ever!) and while this will never be my dream kitchen (think glossy white 2-pac cabinets with granite benchtops, canopy rangehood and freestanding oven and stovetop) it is a vast improvement.

Unfortunately after having both the floors and kitchen done (plus all the painting inside) prior to moving in I ran out of money to renovate the bathroom. Instead I was forced to wear flip flops into the shower for the next 6 months (despite going through litres of bleach trying to rid the germs of the previous inhabitant) and put down a toilet paper barrier between me and toilet seat every time I had to go until I could save up for a new bathroom. I will never forget the first day in my new bathroom - it was heaven!

Looking back now there are some things that I would've definately done differently (Mr Kitty has caught me on numerous occasions staring for no reason at either my kitchen or bathroom - little does he know that dreams of french doors and a freestanding bathtub are what preoccupies my mind!) but I guess that's the beauty of hindsight.

I am forever grateful for being able to fulfil my dream of owning my own home (or at least having the bank own most of it for the time being) and buying my place before the insanity that is the current Melbourne housing market kicked in. In fact I am also extremely grateful that the place was in such revolting condition which kept most prospective buyers at bay and made it relatively affordable. That said if I ever do decide to sell I think I would merely be trading like for like rather than being able to upscale.

I'll put up some pictures of everything soon.


  1. Wow you must had done a lot of renovations to the house. I am totally clueless about house renovations but I think it's a great idea to get a 'shabbier' house at a cheaper price then make it nicer. I know it's probably really a lot of effort but at least, all those running around will make you feel like the house is really yours.

    I really look forward to owning my own abode one day...but I am just a very fresh graduate! I am just sick of renting...have been renting by myself for the past 6 years or so. Bf chipped in for the past 1.5 years. Both of us are agreeing that renting is VERY sucky. Sigh at the housing prices now.

  2. lol I had no clue whatsoever either and believe me I am NOT handy at all (I do however know how to change lightbulbs and hammer in picture hooks which is more than I can say for Mr Kitty!) I don't blame you for being over renting - I had the most awful experience at the end of my one and only rental experience. My bestie and I had been sharing a townhouse and despite scrubbing the place clean top to bottom we got docked $700 from our bond b/c some of the silly aluminium slimline venetian blinds got a bit dented during our 3 year stay - grrrr! I guess just keep your goals clear in front of you and hopefully it won't be too long before you reach it :)

  3. i know how you feel, i recently had to get my 1/4 all cleaned and it stunk cause of a random water leak, and i hated (disliked) my house. i thought it was full of germs cause it seems to be getting mouldy and what not. i had to wear face masks and even wear my lab science safety googles when i walk through the area (its silly but its better than getting sick).

    lol, i know i shouldnt be laughing (pls excuse me for laughing) but i think your quote here "The carpet throughout was horrific and there was a mysterious stain in the middle of the lounge room floor that looked as though something had died there - it had to go" is pretty funny for some reason, cause i would probally think the same i think its all cause of me watching CSI NY, CSI miami, NCSI, law and order box sets every single day for the past weeks.

    btw, the clouds are cool.

    (pls excuse me if i sounded stupid, btw great blog!)