Monday, March 1, 2010

The Cat Burglar

Confession - I had to google just then to make sure I had spelt 'burglar' correctly! I think I may need to re-subscribe to one of those Word-a-Day' type newletters to improve my vocab and literacy skills!

Anyways while harry puppy was at the beach here's what miss holly kitty got up to over the weekend.

This is actually my next door neighbour's house that she is trying to sneak into - good thing there are flyscreens on the windows otherwise I would have a difficult time explaining to my lovely neighbour S. why there happened to be a large ginger cat wandering around her house!

The Beach

Going to the beach has always been one of my favourite pasttimes however mr kitty with his vampire skin has always been sun-phobic so over the last few years the opportunity has rarely presented itself. With the arrival of harry puppy I imagined much more frequent beach visits alas this has not been the case...

The misskitty abode is located about 45 mins drive from the nearest beach and given the unseasonally cool summer we have had in Melbourne this year plus the fact that local councils only allow dogs on certain beaches at off-peak times (ie. before 9am in the mornings and after 7:30pm in the evenings) a trip to the beach is only possible when all the the above plus other uncontrollable external variables (namely - my levels of tiredness and hunger) all align favourably.

harry puppy loves travelling the car (I must do a post on this at some stage) and is always excited at the prospect of going somewhere new. The beach was no exception. This is actually his 2nd beach visit - I forgot my camera last time.

Unfortunately he's not particularly keen on swimming although if there are other dogs in the water he will reluctantly wade in and then dog paddle out to ensure he isn't missing out on anything. harry puppy is far more interested in chewing seaweed, jellyfish and other miscellaneous slimey objects which have washed up on the shore (ick!) and of course digging.

Sorry about the blurry photos - its definately tricker than you may imagine trying to juggle a wriggly harry puppy with taking cute photos and avoiding dropping everything into the ocean!