Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Dressed Up

Yes I know its been one and half months since my last post - the end of June and July were horrendous so for now we'll just pretend that nothing happened during that time.

Anyways today's post is rather fun although some people might think that I'm such a meanie making my lovely kittykins and puppykins wear outfits! Don't worry I only put the pink hoodie on to Miss Holly for the photos - as you can see in the pics below she was quite a sourpuss about the whole ordeal so its now been packed away. Harry on the other hand seems to quite enjoy wearing the little jumper than my mum knitted especially for him. I'll fess up and admit that it was me who went to Lincraft and bought the little blinged out iron-on letters to embellish the jumper for him though! hehehe


  1. Oh I love Harry's jumper! Sooo cute :)

  2. ohhhh AMAZZZZZING!!! WE LOVEEEEEE animal posts in sweaters!
    xoAdvice From a Caterpillar Store