Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Furminator

The name pretty much speaks for itself - this ingenious device is designed to eliminate the pesky problem of pet hair being shed everywhere.

I have known about the Furminator for some time now however have only ever seen it sold at pet shops or at vet clinics for around $60 - a ridiculous amount IMO to pay for a grooming tool even if it is for my darling miss holly kitty or harry puppy. However over the course of the past few weeks I have reached a point where I can no longer tolerate the copious amounts of animal hair being shed all over my teeny tiny house. Remember I have dark stained floorboards and pale furred animals - these two things do not mix unless you happen to enjoy being able to see every single skerrick of animal hair.

Click here to see the Furminator website - when I first saw the after pictures I thought "what a gimmick - there is no way you could ever get that much hair off a dog/cat without resorting to subterfuge means like shaving it off!" Despite this I found an Australian seller on ebay who was selling them for $18.99 + free shipping (for the medium size) - I figured surely there are no fake Furminators around and for that price if it doesn't work well never mind really...

Anyway behold the magnificence that is the Furminator:

Yes I know what you're thinking - Holy Cow! There's enough hair/fur there to knit miss holly kitty a jumper made from herself!!! It is also grossly captivating how you can get that much undercoat from such a teeny tiny furry animal in just one sitting!

Unfortunately the Furminator wasn't as much of a success with harry puppy - he doesn't have much of an undercoat so I am still on the hunt for the miracle grooming tool for him.

And to end with here's a video of miss holly kitty eating the fruits of my labour - ICK!


  1. Whoa there's a lot of fur! The kitty is so very cute! I wish I can keep a pet soon...I can't do so in my current apartment...it's a tad cruel if I get a puppy or kitty because my apartment is so small.

  2. We have one too -- "grossly captivating" is a great way to put it!

    Thank you for visiting Ruby and your kind words, they mean so much to us. We look forward to following Harry and Holly's adventures! :)

  3. Holy Cow! Or Holy Cat!
    So much hair!

    I have passed my Handbag Challenge onto you :)